ASB (Auxiliary Service Board): The oversight policy board for auxiliary operations at the Florida State University. Monitors cash balances, pricing policies and rates, fund balances, annually reviews administrative overhead assessments and distributions, and other relevant matters. For more information see: Auxiliaries


BOG (Board of Governors): Created to operate, regulate, control and be fully responsible for the management of the 11 public universities in the SUS. For more information see: BOG


Budget Entity: A classification indicating funding source, e.g.: E&G, Auxiliary, C&G, etc.


C&G (Contracts & Grants): For more information see Sponsored Research


CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs): A 6-digit code used to identify instructional programs by discipline area, major function or activity


DRS (Developmental Research School): Florida State University Schools (FSUS), Florida High


E&G (Education & General): Funding sources include General Revenue (primarily Florida’s Sales Tax), the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund (Lottery sales), and Student and Other Fees (tuition, out-of-state fees, and other miscellaneous fees)


eORR (Online Role Request): Accessible via OMNI, used to request security roles


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): ERP’s “About Us”


FTE (Full Time Equivalent): The portion of full-time effort expected to be available for an employment resource or portion of an employment resource during a fiscal year


Non-E&G: Budget Entities excluding E&G, e.g., Auxiliaries, DRS, C&G, Student Activities, Vending, Athletics, etc.


OMNI (Online Management of Networked Information): What is OMNI?


PCS (Program Component Structure): A 2-digit code used to classify programmatic objectives associated with a department


Person Year: Person Years = (Budgeted Weeks of Activity x FTE) / SUS work year of 52.2 weeks (1.00 FTE 9-month faculty work 39 weeks. 39/52.2 = .75 person years)


SCDF (Salary Category Detail File): Collection of data consisting of information identifying the funding, assignment and demographics associated with salaried employee resources at each institution within the SUS to determine the number of person years and employment cost to the state


SUS (State University System): Made up of 12 public universities in the state of Florida (FAMU, FSU, FPU, UCF, UNF, UWF, FAU, FIU, NCF, UF, USF, FGCU)


UBAC (University Budget Advisory Committee): Committee appointed by the President of the University to advise and consult on budgetary matters pertaining to the implementation of FSU's mission and priorities.