Frequently Asked Questions

What are my responsibilities as a Budget Manager?

How do I request a new OMNI department ID?

How do I request a change to an existing OMNI department ID?

When will I enter my Annual Operating Budget?

The Budget Office will contact Budget Preparers and Salary Preparers in January with key dates and other important information related to the Operating Budget submission process. The window to enter budgets is typically in April.

What are "invalid combinations" and how can they be identified?

An "invalid combination" results from a transaction posted to an incompatible department-fund combination, such as an E&G department used on an Auxiliary fund. Budget Managers are responsible for identifying and correcting these types of errors. (See the Job Aid Identifying "Invalid Combinations" for more information.)

What classroom training does the Budget Office offer for Budget Managers and other fiscal personnel?

When are Budget Office training classes offered, and how can I register for them?

See the Upcoming Training calendar on the Training and Resources page or HR Training

What do I need to do to correct a budget error?

“Budget is Closed”

C&G: Contact Sponsored Research Administration for assistance 

Non-C&G: Contact the Budget Office for assistance 

“Exceeds Budget Tolerance”

Encumbrances plus Expenditures exceed Budget. Perform a Budget Transfer to move funds from one combination (department, fund, and budgetary account) to another, or as allowable, move encumbrances and/or expenditures from one combination to another.

“No Budget Exists”

If possible, process a Budget Transfer to add budget to the combination.

How can I check my E&G Available Balance?

OMNI Commitment Control Inquiries provide real-time balances.

The Budget Details screen allows you to view a single combination (department, fund, and budgetary account)

The Budgets Overview screen allows you to view a range of departments, funds, and/or budgetary accounts

The BI Available Balance Report contains balances up to one day old.

What is Rate? What is the difference between Rate and Salary?

What is an Auxiliary?

How do I request a New Auxiliary?

Complete both the Request to Establish an Auxiliary Operation and the Establish a New Department ID Form.(Note: It generally takes at least six weeks to establish a new auxiliary. Please allow sufficient time for your request to be processed.)